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Al Ayyan: You’re Premier Interior Solution


Explore the heart of your home with Al Ayyan's kitchen designs that seamlessly blend classic, contemporary, and modern aesthetics. Our luxury kitchens, available in an array of wood and aluminum finishes, offer a myriad of color and design options. Transform your culinary space into a haven of style and functionality.


More than just storage, Al Ayyan's wardrobes are a lifestyle statement. From walk-in closets to sliding door wardrobes, hinged doors, and dressers, we cater to your diverse lifestyle needs. Elevate your personal space with wardrobes designed with your needs in mind.


Add beauty and functionality to your bathrooms with Al Ayyan's exquisite vanities. Complete with sinks, countertops, lights, shelves, and mirrors, our vanities redefine ergonomics and elegance. Choose from a range of colors to enhance your bathroom aesthetics.


Make a lasting impression with our extensive range of doors, whether for your main entrance or kitchen/wardrobe. We believe in creating doors that leave an indelible mark, reflecting your style and sophistication.


Efficiency meets style with our kitchen and wardrobe accessories. From drawers and baskets to corner solutions, our kitchen accessories add flair and practicality. Wardrobe accessories include mirrors, shoe racks, pull-out baskets, and more, enhancing the functionality of your space.
Revamp your space with our unbeatable kitchen and wardrobe accessories, expertly designed to combine style with practicality. Discover a range of efficient solutions including drawers, baskets, and corner solutions for your kitchen, and mirrors, shoe racks, and pull-out baskets for your wardrobe. Get ready to maximize your space with our cutting-edge organization essentials.

Interior Design

At Al Ayyan, our designers masterfully blend art and science to turn your interiors into exquisite spaces. From beds and TV units to shelves and beyond, our interior furniture pieces are crafted with precision and creativity. Experience the essence of thoughtful interior design with Al Ayyan.